Aluminum Quad Trailers
Agricultural / Livestock Products
Today, B&H Contracting fabricates products to suit our customers' needs in the recreation and ranching industries all over Alberta and into Sask., B.C. and even the U.S.

Designing customer-specific products makes them unique to B&H Contracting. We manufacture log splitters, corral panels, windbreaks, fenceline feeders and silage bunks to sell directly to ranchers.

We also fabricate aluminum products (quad log skidder, quad and sled loading ramps, quad trailers) for the quading and sledding enthusiasts. Recently we introduced our heavy wall loading ramps especially for the newer heavier quads. Side-by-side and 4-seater machines can now be loaded into a short box pick up truck with our over-the-cab ramps so you can close the tailgate.

While we do sell directly to end users, most of our sales are through our growing list of over 40 dealers from Calgary to Valleyview and from Meadow Lake, Sask to Edson, Alta. These dealers are established stores carrying all makes of quads and sleds and also those stores carrying after-market goods and pre-owned machines.